talking about talking

during orientation for my new gig all about growing food, teaching about food, working for food, (justice and accessibility) (a land stewardship coordinator) i attend a workshop
called the art of listening and although the instructor is captivating, uses lots of great hand gestures, and we even break into pairs and do a few speaking exercises, i make a note that it is a deceiving workshop title because he is mostly teaching us about how to use presentation techniques to make people listen.

someone would be deluded to thinking that they could now listen after leaving that workshop.

he could have at least called it the art of speaking

at the end of the week i am rehashing my time with r as we walk around cranberry pond, talking about talking. and listening. why does it make someone more convincing if they are speaking with hand motions? not to everyone. to certain people?

why is it that we are trained to listen to people who speak loudly with conviction?

couldn’t we be training ourselves to listen for what’s true?

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