related to plants, people, power, possibility

first post. same name. different look. new game.
it is a starting over, composting my last blog, and letting it be as it actually wants to right now,
right now, in the world, in the air, in the trembling of uncertainty, which feels like a new-old kind of hard time. an old kind of a new hard time.
testing our ears and our feet, checking up on if we’re listening.

are we listening?

so long since I wrote something on the internet that I feel some pressure building to correctly convey the kinds of things I want to say, fear that I won’t say them right.
but the truth is that I just want to be here, noticing the details.

‘peace requires everyone to be in the circle

isabel allende’s words that i saw written in large letters on a giant piece of paper hanging on the wall of the sixth grade classroom at work today.

this iteration of compost stories newly carves out a space for me to compose my thoughts (related to plants, people, power, possibility) in snapshots and segments and shards
that hopefully shed some of that golden light of the setting winter sun.